About Ky

“I have always been a fan of wearing my brother’s ties! My mom and I looked everywhere for bow ties for girls, but had no luck. When we couldn’t find any, we made our own. Our idea is to make girl bow ties so I can mix my unique bow tie style with a lot of girl power! This started my first business, Ky’s Bow Ties! With the help of my family, I’m making this business amazing!” – Kyla

Mom’s Thoughts:

Kyla Helen has always had a creative, artsy personality. I’ve frequently describe her as a caring “rebel girl” who marches to the beat of her own drum…even when the drum is a bit offbeat :)! Her style ranges from fancy dresses & sports gear to cardigans, button-up’s and bow ties, of course.

Kyla began struggling with her style as fashion for girls her age leaned more toward midriff shirts and short shorts, which were not an option for her. One day she told me that it made her sad to not be able to “be like everyone else.” That statement started my wheels turning immediately because I never wanted Kyla to be like everyone else, but I also had to make certain that encouraging her to be herself was an option that was more attractive and rewarding than the norm.

She selects fabrics, styles, cuts patterns to match her style and help other girl’s rock her bow ties! Her trend is taking over her school so we’re moving into the community with the hope of encouraging other girl’s to be against the grain and own their style!

Why Bow Ties For Girls?

In our journey to assist Kyla in “being like no one else”, we began looking for unique things about her that we could enhance, and the most obvious was her love of wearing her brother’s bow ties.  Bingo! So was born Ky’s Bow Ties… a fashion brand that encompasses Ky’s style with the modesty we’re raising her to have.

Kyla plays a big role in the creation of custom bow ties as she selects and cuts fabric & patterns that match her style. She also promotes her brand and  encourages other girl’s to rock Ky’s Bow Ties for fun, fashion and to make a statement. Her fashion trend is taking over her school, so we’re moving into the community with the hope of empowering other girl’s to own their style… Be You, Be True.

Custom (pre-made)

Pre-made by us, by hand

Custom (on demand)

We make it , when you request it

3rd Party (pre-made)

Pre-made by a 3rd party provider

About Our Products

All products we provide fall within one of three categories.  We set the same quality standards from our 3rd party sources, as we do for our custom creations.

Community Care

Phoenix Children’s Hospital (PCH) is near and dear to Ky’s heart. She volunteers annually at PCH’s Solid Organ Transplant Holiday Party, working closely with children who received organ transplants. So Ky’s Bow Ties has pledged  to donate $1 from each bow tie sold on kysbowties.com to transplant families.

  • Transplant Families Fund
  • Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation
  • Phoenix, AZ 85016